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Triastoria Group(TTC) was established in 1991 and now it has turned into an integrated corporation group,engaged in serving energy industry.

Under a number of branches and subsidiaries, branches in New York, Hongkong, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Harbin, Xichang and other regions.The main business of Triastoria group includes solution providing, pipeline service, city gas and investment etc iof four major business segments.
Since its establishment in 1991,With our strong foreign resources integration capability and the domestic market development ability,
The group in the fields of marine engineering, petroleum engineering, natural gas treatment, sulfur recovery, the domestic industry in the first place,
Enjoy a high reputation and good reputation in the industry,The ten companies in the global energy,There are Mobil,Shell, Chevron, BP, CNPC,Sinopec,G.E and other seven companies are our partners.

Through the development and accumulated more than ten years, our four largest business segment have yielded fruitful results:
Provide solutions
Group processing, in the LNG natural gas, petrochemical, marine engineering, nuclear power and other fields,Has participated in and completed more than 800 projects development and construction,With the international advanced level of "China first" and "Chinese most" project more than 20,
The development and upgrading of the China energy industry to play an active and leading role in promoting,By Chinese government, America congressional recognition and several foreign media praise.
The main project:
China first natural gas pipe network transformation project;
China first high sulfur natural gas treatment plant construction;
China first LNG terminal construction;
China first European standard for IV gasoline hydrogenation plant project;
The world's largest single set of production equipment two benzene project;
Chinese first deepwater lifting pipe laying ship project;
The design of drilling ship China first using X-Y cantilever beam technology;
China first ship dynamic positioning ship construction;
China first large offshore device for transportation and installation barge built;
The construction of natural gas vehicle filling station in Beijing's "blue sky project" compression
City gas and automobile industry
The city gas business and NGV fueling business are important parts for Triastoria Group to develop clean energy strategy. Under corporation’s strategy guidance, with its advantages and gas source, Yinglian Energy has made rapid development on pipeline natural gas, CNG / LNG,  Industrial Park and other projects in recent years in Sichuan province, Heilongjiang province and Guizhou province, it has got the franchise of 20 cities and more than 100 NGV Fueling stations.
Pipeline Service
Beijing Pipeline Science & Technology Co.Ltd. (PPL) is an Oil & Gas pipeline service provider. We serve domestic and foreign pipeline operators with one-stop high quality pipeline service including pipeline cleaning, Caliper Inspection, Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection (MFL), Transonic Inspection, Pipeline Fixing, Defect Evaluation, Life Assessment, Pipeline Integration Management, Geographic Information System(GIS), etc.To undertake the completion of the west east gas transmission pipeline project of large detection.

Group adopt the diversified development strategy, in the form of equity, the global financial market securities, investment in ocean engineering, natural gas, petrochemical, nuclear power, city gas and new energy, has become a professional investment institutions energy services market.
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